Tod is the roleplay character of  MabelThePikachu.


He is a thin light orange young fox with a white fluffy tipped tail, darker paws, and dark brown eyes.


As a kit, Tod is a sweet and lovable young fox who lives a very carefree lifestyle with Widow Tweed. Since there are few restrictions on his life, Tod is prone to being mischievous. His mischievous side brings out a devil-may-care attitude towards Chief and trouble in general. He is frequently bored and always on the lookout for a friend, which leads him to Copper. As any best friend, Tod treats Copper as his own flesh and blood.

When Tod matures into an adult, he retains his affection for those he cares about most, despite destiny driving a wedge between him and Copper and being returned to the wilderness by Widow Tweed. His extreme loyalty to those he cares for is shown when he helps Copper fight off an enormous bear.

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