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T.J. Detweiler is the roleplay hero of T.J. Detweiler. He is the main protagonist of the popular 1997 Disney series, Recess.

He lives somewhere in the suburbs of California, and attends Third Street Elementary School, where he is in the fourth grade in Miss Grotke's class.


T.J. is a short, chubby nine-year-old boy with light brown hair and freckles. He often wears a red baseball hat turned backwards, a white t-shirt, a greenish-grey jacket, baggy jeans, and red-and-white sneakers.


T.J. is a mischivious young boy, and enjoys pulling pranks on school facuilty members Miss Finster and Principal Prickly, and school snitch Randall. He's also not afraid of getting in trouble, or bending the rules a little bit. Despite being a bit of a troublemaker, T.J. has a very big heart, and is sweet and kind to almost eveyone he meets. Because of this, he is very popular at school. He is also very charismatic, which helps him get out of trouble. T.J. also is very eneregetic and optimistic. He is the leader of his gang of friends, and proves to be a great leader due to his strong sense of justice. He is also skilled at putting together schemes on the playground.

Despite his brilliance when it comes to coming up with ideas, T.J. is also a bit ditzy in the classroom, with his grades ranging from "C"s to "F"s, going as far as to earning 10.1%s and lower on tests. However, this is due to laziness and indifference than actual stupidity.


His best friends are Vince LaSalle, Ashley Spinelli (Who perfers to go by her last name), Gretchen Grundler, Mikey Blumberg, and Gus Griswald. His enemies include Randall Weems, Miss Finster, the Ashleys, Lawson, and Gellman.

T.J. has a crush on his friend, Spinelli, ever since they were younger. Spinelli also has a crush on him, but whether the two are aware of each others' crushes is unknown. Only Vince knows about T.J.'s crush.

T.J. lives with his parents and his sixteen-year-old older sister, Becky. While his parents don't always support the full extents of his spirits, they love and support him nontheless. His relationship with Becky is on shakier ground. Until she turned thirteen, the two were very close. However, they began growing apart, and were not as close as before. Becky often finds T.J. to be annoying and frequently teases him, but deep down, she cares about him very much.


Full Name: Theodore Jasper Detweiler

Aliases: T.J.; Teej

Birthday: August 3, 1988

Age: Nine to ten in the series' storyline

Astrological sign: Leo

Favorite colors: Red and blue

Hobbies: Playing with his friends and watching cartoons

Favorite food: Pizza and candy

Least favorite food: "Tomato surprise"

Favorite subject: Recess

Least favorite subject: Everything except recess.

Has trouble with: Tests

Strong point: Leadership skills

Future dream: To be president and a superhero

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