Disney s frozen prince hans by david kawena by davidkawena-d6ilgds

Hans is the roleplaying character of thedisneymillionare he is the main antagonist in Frozen.


Cold, conniving, calculating and cruel, Hans is a devilish prince with a hunger for admiration, power, obedience and honor. Being the youngest sibling of thirteen princes, Hans spent a portion of his life being ignored and treated unfairly, something he reveals to Anna during their first night together. This abuse likely led to Hans' villainous transformation over time. Though he appears to be noble to the fullest extent, Hans is merely a master manipulator, caring nothing for anyone other than himself. Through his charm and charisma alone, he is able to fool both Anna and Elsa as well as the entire kingdom of Arendelle and its visiting royals, providing excellent proof of his dangerous power over manipulation. Like many villains, Hans is very power-hungry, willingly visiting Arendelle to rule the kingdom by any means, revealing his only desire is to become king, willing to rid anyone necessary in any way he can for his quest for power, making him amongst Disney's most wicked villains. However, his manipulation and facade can be at times too perfect, which can be his greatest flaw, as Elsa and Kristoff do not as easily fall like Anna does for his seemingly amiable personality the first time.

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