Genie Jafar - Part 5
Dragon Maleficent vs. Snake Jafar

Jafar is the RP character of ToyStoryFan123.


Jafar was first seen in the 1992 feature film, "Aladdin". Along with Iago, he seeks the Genie's Lamp, yet cannot enter in the Cave of Wonders.

He uses street rats to do his bidding and enter the Cave for him. His first attempt, Gazzeem, failed miserably, but the Cave's message told Jafar he needed the "Diamond in the Rough"; Aladdin.

Upon finding Aladdin, he made the boy enter the Cave, thereupon, meeting the Magic Carpet and retrieving the Lamp.

Jafar grabbed the Lamp off a struggling Aladdin, the boy's monkey took it and the two were trapped in the cave, leaving Jafar without his heart's desire.

Later, Jafar's parrot came up with the idea to, rather than wish for being the Sultan, he could become it through marriage, to the daughter of the Sultan (Princess Jasmine), he almost succeeds, if not for (now) Aladdin's Genie turning Aladdin into a Prince with a flashy musical number which made the Sultan feel that a young boy would be a more appropriate suitor than his Visir.

After Aladdin romances Jasmine, Jafar has Aladdin thrown into the ocean. His plan seems to start to work, yet, after Aladdin makes an accidental wish and reveals the true nature of Jafar, he and Iago must flee.

After some deceit, Iago manages to get the Lamp away from Aladdin and into Jafar's hands. With the Genie now under the rule of Jafar, things are starting to go his way.

His first wish is to become the Sultan, his second the become the Most Powerful Sorcerer In The World. He then sends Aladdin, Abu (the monkey) and the Magic Carpet soaring thousands of miles away.

In the palace Jafar and Iago are mistreating the Sultan, Jasmine, Rajah (Jasmine's tiger) and the Genie.

Now that Aladdin has returned Jafar grows more angry lamenting, "How many times do I have to kill you, boy?". He then renders Aladdin's allies redundant by turning Abu into a toy, unravels the Magic Carpet and trapping Jasmine in an hourglass.

Jafar's third and final wish is to become an all-powerful Genie, little knowing the side-effect. His Lamp (that is also created) traps him inside, along with Iago.

Genie then tosses the two into the Cave of Wonders to spend 10,000 years there, as he did.

Snake Jafar - Part 4

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