Disney's Fantasia Resort is a resort within Disneyland Montreal.

The resort is the first to be built in the complex in over seven years and the fifth to be placed in the value-priced category, along with Disney's All-Star Music Resort, the All-Star Movies Resort, and Disney's Pop Century Resort.. Family suites opened June 16, 2020


Originally, the land the Fantasia Resort occupies was planned to be part of Disney's All-Star Movies Resort as part of the "Legendary Years" section. Several buildings were constructed for these plans, some even to the point of adding decorative details. While one half of All-Star Movies

Disney started to prepare the land for the resort in January 2016, and construction began in the summer of that year. At the time of this announcement on May 12, 2016, Disney did not say how much construction is expecting to cost, but it was mentioned that approximately 800 jobs would be produced.

When the "Legendary Years" buildings were first being made, a bridge named the Generation Gap Bridge was constructed to connect both parts of All-Star Movies Resort and made them accessible to each other. The bridge connects All-Star Movies Resort to the The Steadfast Tin Soldier section of the Disney's Fantasia Resort.


The resort is designed "with families in mind." It features four of Disney's popular character themes: Fantasia, and Fantasia 2000.

Dining and shoppingEdit

  • World Premiere Food Court
  • [Pizza delivery
  • Silver Screen Spirits Bar
  • Lyric
  • Donald's Double Feature store
  • Rialto ice cream shop
  • icecream bar

Disney transportationEdit

Disney's Fantasia Resort are connected via Bus to the various theme parks and activities located throughout the resort complex.

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