The Ballerina is a character from the Piano Concerto No. 2 segment of Fantasia 2000.

Appearances Edit

Fantasia 2000 Edit

The Tin Soldier is the protagonist of the segment, and saves the Ballerina from the evil Jack-in-the-Box.

House of Mouse Edit

The Tin Soldier makes a cameo in the episode "Goofy's Valentine Date" alongside the Ballerina.

Disney Parks Edit

The Steadfast Tin Soldier appears in statue form with the Ballerina and Jack-in-the-Box at the Fantasia section of Disney's All-Star Movies Resort at Walt Disney World.

Disneyland Montréal Edit

In Montreal, Tin Soldier and Ballerina are featured in a new toys castle themed area of Storybookland However, both Tin Soldier and Ballerina will move from Magic Kingdom (Canada)

Trivia Edit

  • Like in the original Hans Christian Andersen story, the Ballerina and Tin Soldier were intended to die together in the fire, but the ending changed when it became apparent that the ending would conflict with the music choice for the segment.
  • In the original fairy tale, the Ballerina is described as a paper doll. In Fantasia 2000 she seems to be more of porcelain.

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